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woven polypropylene bags and sacks

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Woven Polypropylene Bags & Sacks (also known as pp woven bags, or wpp bags) are the toughest plastic packaging products ever. Both durable and cost effective, they are widely used for packing many dry goods, also convenient for storage and transportation.

arrow #1Agricultural Packaging Bags: For chaff, farm, feed, fertilizer, flour, grain, maize, rice, seed, etc.
arrow #2Industrial Packaging Bags: For cement, chemical, coal, firewood, pet food, rubbish, salt, shipping, etc.
arrow #3Typical Packaging Bags: sandbags, bopp laminated feed bags, paper laminated polypropylene bags, polypropylene tube for earthbag, etc.
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complete guide to woven polypropylene bags

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For flexible packaging applications that demand both durability and economy, QTL Bags's pp woven bags are the right answer.

Woven Polypropylene Bags: The Complete Guide

With over 20 years manufacturing experience, we know WPP Bags. They are made by weaving pp tapes in two directions to form a heavy duty, breathable fabric suitable for packaging many dry goods, also convenient for storage and transportation. (HS CODE: 630533)

At QTL Bags, you can combine a variety of sizes and colors and you choose the strength and weight of the bags. You choose your custom packaging to promote your company and easily identify the product. We offer you the option of combining your poly bag requirements to maximize your savings.

  • Virgin PP resin as raw materials
  • Specification weave count and fabric weight
  • Unlimited sizes and quantities
  • Multi-color printing, front and back
  • Laminated as moisture barrier
  • With or without handles
  • With or without EZ-Open seams
  • With or without anti-skid coating
  • With or without PE liner inside
  • With or without ventilated fabric
  • With or without UV protection
  • With or without BOPP (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene)

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BOPP laminated woven polypropylene bags

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