BOPP Laminated Woven Polypropylene Bags

One of the latest trends in the packaging industry is the BOPP laminated woven polypropylene bags. They have been widely used to packing many dry goods, including BOPP laminated feed bags, BOPP laminated fertilizer bags, BOPP laminated pet food bags.

What is BOPP?

China_BOPP_FilmB: Biaxially
O: Oriented
PP: Polypropylene

“Biaxially Oriented” means that the polypropylene film is stretched in both the machine direction (MD) and across the machine direction (AMD). When PP is manipulated in this manner, it becomes clear and serves as an excellent packaging material for artistic and retail products.

What is BOPP laminated woven polypropylene bags?

BOPP laminated woven polypropylene bags has superior photographic appreace and good advertising effect.

bopp bagsBiaxially Oriented Polypropylene film is a thermoplastic polymer film of polypropylene with an orderly molecular structure formed by the biaxial orientation process. This process improves the optical and gas barrier properties of the film. With excellent clarity, high tensile and impact strength, good dimensional stability and flatness, low electrostatic charge, corona treatment on one or both sides, waterproof and moisture repellant, excellent transparency, lower density, gas and moisture barrier properties, and is recyclable, Bopp film can be used as a substitute for cellophane, PVC, IPP, CPP, PE and other plastic films for enhancing product functions and thus prove to be highly cost-efficient.

BOPP laminated polypropylene is the acronym for biaxially oriented polypropylene (outside) over polypropylene (woven interior), a petroleum byproduct. It refers to the combination of woven polypropylene used to construct the bags and an additional layer, or laminated surface, of polypropylene, on which graphic images are printed. In constructing the bags, the raw polypropylene material is first extruded, then slit into individual strands, then wound like yarn. The yarn-like material is placed on a knitting machine, which weaves the fabric used to make the bags. Extruded polypropylene is a very strong material, but when woven, its structural integrity is dramatically enhanced, providing the superior product protection on which BOPP/PP bags have built their reputation.

Characteristics of BOPP

  • Outstanding print image quality, ability to print “scanable” UPC codes,and reverse printing ability
  • Very high quality printing that cannot be scratched off
  • High tensile strength, good dimensional stability and flatness
  • Low electrostatic charge
  • High gloss surface enhances marketability of the product
  • Enhanced marketability of the product – especially important when competing for shelf space
  • Fewer layers, reducing weight and freight cost
  • Waterproof material (sewing seam not waterproof)

Specs of BOPP laminated woven polypropylene bag

  • Width range from 14″ to 24″ (360 mm to 600 mm)
  • Outer layer: BOPP film with up to 8 color (full colors) printing capability
  • Middle layer: PE coating 0.8 mil to 1.2 mil thickness
  • Inner layer: PP woven fabric, 10×10 weave and 800 to 1000 denier
  • Printed on one side, two sides, and/or gussets
  • Construction features include gussets or non gussets, valve, E-Z open, tape seal.
  • UV-treated materials optional
  • Rigid handle addition available

BOPP printing superior graphics

bopp bags 1

There are two points here: one, BOPP/PP bags accommodate superior graphics; and two, the construction and process keep the bags looking good – through filling, handling and delivery, all the way to the retail shelves.

1. Graphic superiority

The printing surface of the bag is ultra-clear BOPP film, which adds another layer of product protection, but also is very smooth and an excellent graphics “carrier,” allowing for the brightest and sharpest images. For the first time in packaging for products like seeds and animal feeds, you have the best of both worlds: a structur-ally strong package and great graphics. With traditional multiwall paper bags durability must be compromised for the sake of graphics; that is not an issue with BOPP/PP packaging.

2. Integrity maintained

The printing is done on the backside of the film, that is, “reverse” printed. When you look at the bag graphics, then, you are looking through a the film barrier, like peering through a window. That maintains the integrity of the graphics, no matter how minute or detailed, because someone or something would have to penetrate the film to get to the print, as opposed to hands or machines scratching or rubbing off the ink as can occur when the print sits on top of paper. The barrier also protects against environmental substances, like grease, water and oils, as well as to guard the integrity of the product nutrients.

Bags of multi-wall paper vs. paper laminated vs. BOPP laminated

There is a long list of quality, durability, graphics and cost benefits – some less obvious than others. For example, consider how woven polypropylene bags dramatically reduce losses from damage during distribution. Producers know that one leaking bag can result in the return of an entire pallet of product and a substantial impact on profitability and retailer satisfaction. Now, with BOPP/PP packaging, producers know that when products leave their plants, they can be expected to satisfy distribution and consumer needs without damage or failure. In doing so, BOPP/PP is the packaging that delivers the lowest overall cost to the producer and the greatest satisfaction to the customer.

Paper laminated woven polypropylene bags

An alternative to multi-wall kraft paper bags, kraft paper laminated woven polypropylene bags usually feature a single layer of kraft paper laminated to woven PP fabric. This results in a lighter weight bag with excellent resistance to tearing and moisture. It is ideal for the packing of wild bird seed, animal feeds, minerals, salt, cement, and chemicals.

BOPP laminated woven polypropylene bags

A modern economical alternative to multi-wall kraft paper bags, woven BOPP laminated bags features high quality graphics and is ideally suited to the consumer retail market. It is perfectly suited for the packing of pet food, wild bird seed, animal feeds, minerals, salt, and chemicals.

Wrapping up: BOPP laminated bag is popular

BOPP films offer a unique combination of properties such as better shrinkage, stiffness, transparency, sealability, twist retention and barrier. In addition, an exciting technique using BOPP film has been developed to enhance the printing of a woven polypropylene bag. By reverse printing the BOPP film, it can then be laminated to an already strong woven polypropylene bag. This allows for the same high quality graphic printing on woven bags previously only found on multi-wall paper and polyethylene bags.

BOPP bags are taking more and more of the market share from the multi-wall bag industry. The glossy, slick, professional print of the BOPP film along with its economical pricing and legendary strength gives it strong shelf appeal and the reputation of becoming the overall printed bag of choice.

Perhaps it’s time for you to give this revolutionary bag a try. Next time you’re looking for a printed bag, you might consider BOPP laminated woven polypropylene bags.

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