Why to choose Paper Laminated Polypropylene Bags?

More and more leading manufacturers choose paper laminated polypropylene bags for their bulk packing, instead of multiwall paper bags and traditional pp bags.

These unique bags are attractive and offer the durability during storage and transportation. Besides, printing on the paper shows a better display.

paper laminated polypropylene bags


Paper bags are traditonal but not always practical. Many companies and their customers appreciate the traditional appearance of paper bags. Adding lamination does not compromise this look but does make the bag more practical. It can be used to hold a variety of different goods without tearing along the way. Paper laminated can minimize product loss.

Laminated paper bags resist water. We know the slightest bit of water can cause paper bags to fall apart. A paper laminated polypropylene bag stands up to weather conditions much better than a regular paper bag. Through rain and snow, the bag can remain intact and the contents inside are safe.

Not just water, but also resistant to chemicals and most acids. Polypropylene is the perfect material to laminate paper bags of all sizes. They can be used for everything without compromising the state of the goods. Strong and eye-catching, polypropylene laminated paper bags offer greater opportunities for packing and advertising.

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