Which to choose from PE or PP woven as packaging materials?

Each material has separated feature and to be used for different function with different characters. We’ll list the characteristics to discuss which to choose from pe or pp woven as packaging materials.

PE or PP woven as packaging materialsLDPE material which is soft, smooth and shiny is suitable for producing high quality packing bags of the luxurious goods like hand watch, clothes, handbags, etc. However, because of its quality, the price of virgin LDPE material is quite high which is a challenge for small companies. Therefore, they can suggest the producer adding recycled materials in order to decrease the price as well as making the bag environmentally friendly.

HDPE on the other hand, is a popular choice of many companies as the high quality, cheap price and stiff shape material. Moreover, HDPE enables manufacturer to produce with thin thickness; therefore, is flexible for diverse kinds of goods. However, to compare with the LDPE material, the HDPE is not as soft and shiny as LDPE; hence, is preferred for the industrial products, food and grocery, etc.

The other material, PP woven (Polypropylene Woven), is produced through the extrusion of a wide sheet of PP which is cut into long trends and then is woven together to make a continuous sheet of woven material. With the character of strength, cost effectiveness and breathable hole, PP woven material is also a popular flexible material for packaging.

PP woven material with its thickness, strength due to its tight plaited succession as well as breathable hole makes many tasks easier to fulfill. PP woven allows a safe transportation with long distance which is now a best choice for export companies. Moreover, its durability enables the customer to reuse for other purposes.

PE or PP Woven both can be applied to packaging industry, so choosing packing bag for the goods demands that company understand deeply their products and scale to get suitable ones.

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