Five trends of plastic packaging industry

plastic packaging trendIn the past year, there are a lot of plastic bags packaging industry highlights noteworthy. It’s just the beginning. Here we list five trends of plastic packaging industry in the near future.

Keywords : packaging lightweight

Lightweight is currently a commonly used industrial vocabulary used to describe by using less material production, packaging weight loss practices. Increasingly popular lightweight plastic packaging materials, almost every kind of plastic packaging have emphasized this point in the shape and structure. Packaging materials to reduce the weight and thickness is facing many challenges, lightweight package after package and the need to maintain the original performance and functionality, this lightweight packaging material production technology is a major challenge. In the past few years, through a series of material innovation and technological progress, lightweight packaging has made great progress. In 2013, Sidel called RightWeight new 0.5-liter PET bottle , weighs only 7.95 grams. Compared with the current average weight of 12g 0.5-liter bottles, bottle weight to reduce up to 34%.

In fact, the majority of packaging weight reduction can be obtained not only the enterprises to actively respond to environmental reasons, but also because of the lightweight package allows companies to use less packaging materials, direct substantial cost savings. Therefore, the future with the rising prices of raw materials, packaging, lightweight value to the business becoming increasingly prominent. 2014 lightweight packaging plastic packaging is still the largest development.

Keywords : functional film

In recent years, plastic film market momentum is strong, showing significantly higher than traditional packaging materials, such as the growth trend of paper packaging, cardboard, aluminum foil and other markets. At the same time, the packaging film thinning, while functionality is enhanced and promoted the growth of this market higher speed. In such a fast-growing market, in 2014 there will be more and more companies into the craze of functional thin film, which can accelerate technological innovation, promote new products are emerging.

Functional packaging film is one of the most promising new technological developments in the broad areas of application. High barrier, high temperature cooking, low temperature freezing, active packaging, shrink film, such as antimicrobial resistance and bake plastic packaging film market has become a hot spot. Particularly in terms of the barrier, the barrier film having excellent barrier properties, the shelf life of food plays, freshness and extend the life of the effect of the goods, and thus the barrier film 2014 to become the focus of research and development.

Keywords : bio-based plastics

As we all know, oil is scarce non-renewable resources, the national oil reserves imbalance and its predatory exploitation of the developed countries, has become an important factor in the turbulent world situation triggered. Therefore, the development of biodegradable materials, reduce the consumption of petrochemical resources, has become the consensus current world, especially in developed countries. In recent years, the development of related technology very rapidly, more and more bioplastics in packaging.

2013, Coca-Cola plant in China began listing green bottle. This is the world’s first large-scale commercial application of PET packaging plant substrate. Compared with traditional oil dependence entirely PET plastic bottles, bottle green plants to reduce dependence on non-renewable resources, and reducing carbon emissions.

Keywords : IML packaging

IML had been introduced as early as 10 years ago, China’s plastics packaging market and has worked in the industry caused no small stir. However, due to the constraints of various factors, which subsequently in the country has been unable to achieve a breakthrough in the development, market share is still small. Fortunately, in recent years was “ice” covering the years of the domestic market began to re-mold labeling active packaging, plastic packaging market set off a small climax. Especially in the field of FMCG packaging, under pressure from rising labor costs, inspection and packaging technology using in-mold labeling of the number of FMCG companies have even on the market.

IML packaging and labeling using container forming a complete way of processing, eliminating the need for labeling of links, saving labor cost advantage is obvious. In the current production enterprises generally difficult labor, labor costs rose in the larger environment, in 2014 there will be more companies adopt IML packaging.

Keywords : convenience package

In the past, packaged in shelf display power, protection, convenient transportation done their homework, but in terms of performance packaging convenience surviving inadequate. Now, with the improvement of living standards and the accelerating pace of social, consumer packaged increasing demands, thereby promoting the convenience of the packaging innovation and development. Many previous plastic packaging must use in order to open the teeth or scissors, and now most of these have a more convenient package was opened.

To open resealable zipper case packing, sealing emergence of new technologies, such as screw cap of flexible packaging bags containing liquid on to help consumers in the bag without tearing any head. In addition, the latest convenience packaging self-heating may also be implemented directly heating, cooking resistance, automatic cooling function. In 2014, convenience packaging is no longer optional choices, more companies will take into account the convenience of the packaging.

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