Мешки полипропиленовые

Так рады представить себя в качестве ЛКП Сумки (chinawovenbag.com), который является профессиональным производителем специализируется на тканые полипропиленовые мешки в течение многих лет, в том числе мешки с песком, ткань полипропиленовая, ламинированная бумага полипропиленовые мешки, BOPP ламинированные мешки полипропиленовые, рукавная мешки полипропиленовые , тканые полипропиленовые клапанные мешки и т.д.

pp woven fabric Continue reading

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Woven Bags Process of Sewing (Part Four)

woven bag process sewingSewing process is the last step of woven bag procedure before the final packing, after wire drawing, fabric weaving, film coating, cutting, printing or any other needed processes.

1. sewing process indicators.
1.1 Suture strength index.
This indicator is the bag of the most important key indicators in the plastic and composite plastic woven bags Continue reading

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Q&A about Woven Polypropylene Sand Bags

Sandbags were originally designed for temporary flood defence and for military applications. They were originally available only in hessian (also known as ‘jute’) material but are now manufactured in different grades of both hessian and woven polypropylene.

Here we list some Q&A about woven polypropylene sand bags. This kind of bags can be used for flood protection barriers, traffic control, earthbag buildings, and so on.

What does “woven polypropylene” mean?

woven polypropyleneWoven polypropylene means a plastic material made by many polypropylene threads or tapes woven in two directions (warp and weft), to form a light but heavy duty fabric or film. Continue reading

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Paypal or Western Union for small amount

As a professional exporter of woven polypropylene bags, sometimes we need you pay small amount for freight charges, or sample charges, or something else. We suggest Paypal or Western Union for small amount, either will  be all right with us. Here’s the relative background information for you as below. Continue reading

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Privacy Policy

privacy policyGeneral of Privacy Policy
All information that you provide is for our use only and will be held in strict confidence. We will not sell, trade or pass on any personal or business information provided by our clients. We require only the personal or corporate information that is needed for safe processing of your order and for contacting you about related information. It is used exclusively for that purpose. Once you become a customer, you may receive, from time to time, important reminders. Continue reading

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Five trends of plastic packaging industry

plastic packaging trendIn the past year, there are a lot of plastic bags packaging industry highlights noteworthy. It’s just the beginning. Here we list five trends of plastic packaging industry in the near future.

Keywords : packaging lightweight

Lightweight is currently a commonly used industrial vocabulary used to describe by using less material production, packaging weight loss practices. Increasingly popular lightweight plastic packaging materials, almost every kind of plastic packaging have emphasized this point in the shape and structure. Packaging materials to reduce the weight and thickness is facing many challenges, lightweight package after package and the need to maintain the original performance and functionality, this lightweight packaging material production technology is a major challenge. In the past few years, through a series of material innovation and technological progress, lightweight packaging has made great progress. In 2013, Sidel called RightWeight new 0.5-liter PET bottle , weighs only 7.95 grams. Compared with the current average weight of 12g 0.5-liter bottles, bottle weight to reduce up to 34%. Continue reading

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