Why you should try or continue using pp woven bags?

bopp laminated pp woven bagsToday, you can find companies that using pp woven bags as their regular packaging option. Whether you are new to polypropylene bags or familiar with them already, you must have your reasons. Here’s our comments on this WHY you should try or continue using pp woven bags, from the view of a professional wpp bags manufacturer.

1. The features of polypropylene bags.

– High mechanical and impact strength;
– Resistant to abrasion and bending;
– Resistant to boiling water and alkalis;
– Resistant to low temperature (-90F) and high temperature (150F);
– Resistant to organic solvents and acids;
– Do not rot or corrode;
– Do not change in texture when storing petroleum products;
– Do not change in color when exposed to UV rays and temperature;
– Very low gas permeability and vapor permeability;
– Can be used for food packaging;
– Have low weight;
– Insulator;
– Easy to dispose of or recycle.

2. The options of polypropylene bags.

PP bags can be different sizes, colors, designs, durability, with lamination and without, with a liner and without, and many other types. You can order any of them with your company logo printed on their surface.

The native color of a polypropylene bag is milky white, but it is possible to add dye to the material to make it have any color (green, gray, black). The polypropylene threads can be treated with a special corrugation, so that the bag does not slide in stacks. A well sewn bag has a strong seam, which is important for transportation. The bags can have a varying density, bottom seam strength, and maximum load for storage in stacks. PP bags surpass the performance of linen, jute and paper. In many aspects, they also surpass the qualities of polyethylene.

3. The advertising effectiveness of polypropylene bags.

Printed pp bags can convey the information that you would hand out to customers. These bags carrying your logo help in increasing your brand awareness. The bag can carry the name of your business, your contact details and your business logo. There’s a wide choice of colors, shapes and sizes that you can choose to customize. This type of advertising is among the most effective and needless to say, you don’t have to shell out too much for it as well. That’s the reason why a number of large, mid-size and small companies use this brand advertising technique. Whether you offer a product or a service, you can make use of this means of advertising.

BOPP laminated bags can have superior printing vision. This is an affordable and effective method of advertising.

4. The example uses of polypropylene bags.

For flour, sugar, and grain: Grain sacks are typically more lightweight, less dense, and lower in cost than flour sacks. Sugar sacks are usually laminated or have a polyethylene liner, so that the sugar does not absorb moisture.

For cement: These are laminated, and have microscopic holes in them to let the air out when filling them with cement.

For transportation and shipping: These are very durable and can be used repeatedly. They often have cords in their necks, which can be tied or sealed.

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