Weave polypropylene with UV protection for earthbag construction

Nowadays, earthbag construction is more popular than ever, because not only it’s a cost-effective way to create structures which are both strong and can be quickly built, but also the relationship will be enhanced while you are DIY your homemade facilities with your family and friends.

As a direct woven polypropylene bags manufacturer, we can supply the packaging materials for earthbag buildings, no matter it’s woven polypropylene sand bag or a circular continual polypropylene tube. Here’s our view as the packaging supplier.

Let’s start this post with a video. If you are interested in earthbag building, you’ve got a good chance that you have watched this popular video from Youtube.

Earthbag types

woven polypropylene earthbag building sampleThe most popular type of bag is made of solid-weave polypropylene, such as the type often used to transport rice or other grains. Polypropylene is chosen for its low cost and its resistance to water damage, rot, and insects.

Organic/natural materials such as hemp, burlap or other natural-fiber bags (like “gunny sacks”) can be used; however, since these may rot, they should only be used with fills containing a significant proportion of clay.

Weave polypropylene with UV protection for earthbag construction

woven polypropylene earthbag house sampleWoven polypropylene materials can be manufactured a continuous “tube” of polypropylene fabric. Unfilled woven polypropylene tube rolls (also known as Earthbag or Superadobe) are the main construction material for all flexible form rammed earth structures. “Flexible form” means you can conform the bags to nearly any configuration conceivable from sharp angles to elegant curves.

While the infrastructure possibilities are seemingly limitless, the most common structures are:

  • earthbag buildings
  • Storage Sheds
  • Retaining Walls
  • Privacy Walls
  • Flood and Erosion Control
  • Landscaping
  • construction
  • printed banners

UV protection polypropylene tube

To prevent damage to the tube (bags) from UV rays or moisture, it is necessary to cover the exposed outer surfaces of the bags with an opaque material. There are many possibilities of what material to use, including cement-based stucco, or lime or earthen plaster. This will need to meet any waterproofing requirements, but such requirements can also be met by using additives in the bag-fill material. Some buildings use a planted-earth “living roof” (“green-roof”) to top the structure, while others use a more conventional framing and roof placed atop earth-bag walls. (learn more)

Special Note: Though UV protection is applied, polypropylene material MUST be stored in a dark place for a longer use, whether it’s a tube roll or a bag.

Environment friendly

It’s easy to posit that earthbag construction uses the least energy of any durable construction method.

Unlike concrete, brick or wood, no energy is needed to produce the necessary materials other than gathering soil. With on-site soil being used, practically no energy is expended on transportation. And unlike rammed earth construction, no energy is required to compact the soil. The energy-intensive materials that are used — plastic (for bags & twine), steel wire, and perhaps the outer shell of plaster or stucco — are used in relatively small quantities compared to other types of construction.

The buildings last a long time; however, when they are no longer useful they may simply erode with no serious threat to the environment, or even be recycled into new earthbag-constructed buildings.

Order Circular Woven Polypropylene Tube from us

woven polypropylene tubeWe can produce rolls of Circular Woven Polypropylene Material in 12″, 14″, 16″, 18″, 20″, 22″, 24″, 26″, and 28″ width, with commonly 2000 meter or 3000 meter length per roll. The color is white, and can be customized.

For example,
Color: white
Denier: 900 D
Weave: 10×10
Width: 14 inch (filled width is abt 11 inch)
Length: 2000 meters per roll
UVI: 1600 hours sunlight protection
Packaging: Each roll is individually wrapped and warehoused until time of shipping.
Weight: about 110 kg per roll
Volume: about 0.2 cbm per roll

All the specifications above can be adjusted to the desired needs.

Please note that there’s MOQ for this item, since we are a direct manufacturer. The MOQ is 20,000 meters or 20,000 pcs.

Because if less than this quantity, the price will be not so cost-effective than buying from a local distributor or online (for example, Amazon). The importing process is complicated, and may involve duty and tariff for one-time small purchase.

Please feel free to comment below or get in touch with us to see if we can assist you for your sourcing, while you are interested in do-it-yourself earthbag constructions.

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