What is meant by ippc in a wooden pallet?

Now almost all Customs will check the pallets of shipping products when importing to their countries. They must find the IPPC mark on the pallet, or trouble happens. What is meant by ippc in a wooden pallet?

It applies only to wood packaging materials (both coniferous and non-coniferous) made with solid wood not engineered wood products (plywood, OSB, etc.) or corrugated when used in international trade. The international standard does not apply to wood packaging material manufactured solely for domestic use.

What is IPPC?

IPPC is short for International Plant Protection Convention. They developed a standard for wood packaging in international business, called ISPM-15.

What treatment methods will be acceptable by ISPM-15?

The IPPC standard(ISPM-15) allows for two treatment methods – heat treatment and fumigation with methyl bromide. Heat treatment will likely become the most popular method due to environmental concerns caused by methyl bromide used to fumigate packaging. The standard calls for heat-treated material to be heated to 56 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes. This can be achieved by using a dry kiln or any other approved heat treatment chamber/device.

What is covered by this global standard?

softwood or hardwood packaging material such as pallets, totes, boxes, wedges, braces, dunnage, non-processed wooden articles and the like. Such items made out of manufactured wood (i.e. plywood, chip board, paper board that have been created using glue, heat and pressure or a combination thereof) are not included.

What is the components of a full mark?

us pallet ippc markA sample mark from US pallet

ISPM 15 has guidance on 4 specific components to the labeling of wooden packaging.

The guidance on the symbol is that it must be registered under national, regional or international procedures. It must also resemble the provided symbol below.

Country Code (US)
The country code must be the two-digit International Organization for Standards (ISO) format, e.g., US for the United States, AU for Australia, RO for Romania and CN for China. It must also be separate from the producer/treatment provider code by using a hyphen.

Producer/treatment provider code
The treatment code is unique and is provided by the NPPO and given to the producer of the wood packaging material or treatment provider that will place the marks on the wood packaging material.

Treatment Code
The treatment code is an abbreviation for either heat treatment (HT) or methyl bromide (MB). The image above shows a treatment code of ‘HT’ and where it should be placed.

Do I have to concern when I import from China?

You’d better to check with your supplier in China. They must provide pallets or any wood packaging materials with IPPC marked.

And you should understand the related policy of Customs of your country, for better preparing all documents. Like Australia and New Zealand, the clearing process will need Quarantine Declaration.

IPPC marked in pallet

All our wooden pallets for packaging woven polypropylene bags are complied with IPPC regulation.

Do I have alternative options than wooded pallet?

plastic palletBesides wooden pallet, you have plastic pallet at disposal.

Plastic pallets also offer an excellent solution to pallet logistics. It lasts for a long time, and of course it costs more.


Do you have any thoughts about pallets?

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