Woven Bags Process of Fabric Weaving (Part Two)

woven bag process fabric weaving 1The second bag production process is stretching the silk into cloth after forming, that is Fabric Weaving. Woven cloth can be sewn into small bags, big bags(FIBC) and other woven products. The following is a bag of weaving process indicators:

1. the knitting and weaving density density tolerance.

1.1 weave density is 100mm × 100mm woven fabric, the warp and weft of the root number. GB/T8946-1998 national standards set forth in “smoothing the bags, the bag’s upper and lower right corner delineation of 100mm × 100mm two boxes, boxes and bags outside edge distance 100mm, visual box classics, latitude root number, taking the average, the final count when finished less than a point, according to a count. National standards set forth in the weaving density at the same time, provides a density tolerance. braided packing density depends on the product, determined by the user.
Woven density is commonly used 36 × 36/ 10cm, 40 × 40 / 10cm, 48 × 48 / 10cm.

1.2 weave density tolerance.
Weaving density is greater than a given tolerance standard weave density or reduce the stretching of multiple root of the number.

2. the woven mass per unit area.
Woven weight per unit area is expressed as the number of square grams, is woven is an important technical indicators. It depends on the number of warp and weft density and thickness of flat yarn, knitting impact the number of square meters of weight fabric tensile strength, load capacity, the number of square meters of weight is the production company to control costs is a major component.

woven bag process fabric weaving 23. woven stretch load.
Tensile load, also known as tensile strength, tensile strength for weaving warp and weft Booker withstand tensile loads in both directions, so that warp and weft tensile load.

4. the width.
Directly affect the width of woven bag process for tube width of cloth with fold after that, off equal to the circumference by half.
Width retraction rate after take-all woven weaving width, cutting the volume in the exhibition, printing, suture, made to be slightly smaller than the width of the bag when the width of the take-up, we call width retraction.

5. feel.
PP flat yarn woven fabric feel more solid, very wide, stiff more.
HDPE flat yarn woven fabric feels soft, smooth, not tight.
PP Flat Yarn add calcium compound in the master batch, feel quite wide, PP HDPE in a small increase will make it more flexible.
Narrow flat yarn, woven flat, soft, flat wide, woven silk folded when many feel rough.

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