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woven polypropylene bags and sacks

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Woven Polypropylene Bags & Sacks (also known as pp woven bags, or wpp bags) are the toughest plastic packaging products ever. Both durable and cost effective, they are widely used for packing many dry goods, also convenient for storage and transportation.

arrow #1Agricultural Packaging Bags: For chaff, farm, feed, fertilizer, flour, grain, maize, rice, seed, etc.
arrow #2Industrial Packaging Bags: For cement, chemical, coal, firewood, pet food, rubbish, salt, shipping, etc.
arrow #3Typical Packaging Bags: sandbags, bopp laminated feed bags, paper laminated polypropylene bags, polypropylene tube for earthbag, etc.
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Wire Drawing
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Fabric Weaving
fabric weaving #1fabric weaving #2fabric weaving #3fabric weaving #4
Bag Sewing
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Quality Test
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Complete quality management systems are strictly followed in each process. This includes wire drawing, fabric weaving, extrusion lamination, gravure printing, bag forming, bag sewing, quality testing and customer service.

Our manufacturing process of woven polypropylene bags use only pure virgin polypropylene resins, and nearly every bag is even visually checked at last before packed.

We strive to keep up with the latest strictest requirements of woven polypropylene bags from case study, to ensure our customers receive high quality international standard packaging bags.

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