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woven polypropylene bags and sacks

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Woven Polypropylene Bags & Sacks (also known as pp woven bags, or wpp bags) are the toughest plastic packaging products ever. Both durable and cost effective, they are widely used for packing many dry goods, also convenient for storage and transportation.

arrow #1Agricultural Packaging Bags: For chaff, farm, feed, fertilizer, flour, grain, maize, rice, seed, etc.
arrow #2Industrial Packaging Bags: For cement, chemical, coal, firewood, pet food, rubbish, salt, shipping, etc.
arrow #3Typical Packaging Bags: sandbags, bopp laminated feed bags, paper laminated polypropylene bags, polypropylene tube for earthbag, etc.
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complete guide to woven polypropylene bags

Although polypropylene/pp is lightweight, it also represents a surprising amount of strength and durability. On a pound per pound basis, products made with pp are about three times stronger than those made with steel, and when woven into a fabric it creates a lightweight, durable material with applications in many industries.

Cost effective, economic, anti tear, anti slip, and durability are major benefits for PP Woven bags. All this, while meeting your flexible packaging needs. PP Woven bags are tear resistant, minimizing or eliminating product loss and waste. (HS code 630533)

BOPP Film:
A Biaxially Orientated Polypropylene (B.O.P.P) film can be printed with a photographic quality and then adhered to a woven pp bag, which means 3-layer structure: fabric, lamination, BOPP film. Easy open feature. Bags for pet food, animal feed, rice, etc.

Laminated or Coated:
A lamination is a thin coating of poly film which is adhered to either the inside or outside of the pp woven bag giving the fabric a resistance from humidity, also improves the fabric properties. Bags fro chemical products, fertilizer, etc.

Sealed liner made of H.D.P.E. or L.D.P.E. Plastics can be inserted and sewn into the top hem of the bag. This prevents the liner from collapsing into the outer bag when filling with product and helps the egress of moisture.

UV Stabilization:
WPP bags can be manufactured with the addition of U.V. Stabilization to protect and extend the effective lifespan of the bag.

1. All Woven Polypropylene Bags should be stored in a cool, dry, dark place, out of direct sunlight.
2. We would be pleased to supply you with similar samples of our wpp bags so that you are able to find the right products to meet your requirements. The samples are free, but we need you pay us the freight charges via Paypal or Western Union before sending.
3. No job is too big or too small for the quality and service YOU deserve. But since we are a direct manufacturer, we have a MOQ of 20,000 units. Because if less than this quantity, the price will be not so cost-effective than buying from a local distributor or online (for example, Amazon). The importing process is complicated, and may involve duty and tariff for one-time small purchase.

PP woven bags

common pp woven bag structureregular pp woven bag

Raw Material: 100% new virgin PP granule
Color: all colors available
Weave: commonly 9X9, 10X10, 11X11, 12X12, 14X14
Denier: 700D to 1500D
Weight: 65gsm to 220gsm
Composition: 100% circular PP woven fabric

Size: 300mm to 800mm Width, Length can be as requirement
Top: cut or hemmed
Bottom: Single folded, double folded, single stitch, double stitches
Printing: upto 4 colors
Packaging: commonly bundles/bales/pallets

Feature selection:
Ties aside - allow bags to be tied shut easily
Laminated - PP lamination for moisture control
Anti skid - making bags stack easier and steady
Gusseted - allowing the bag to open up widthwise
EZ open - allows for the end user to open the bag easily
Top hemmed - the top is folded over and sewn for a smooth edge
Paper laminated - giving the bag good quality print and more strength
UV protection - added to PP to allow bags to be left outside with sunlight
BOPP bags - superior strength and excellent print quality, also water resistant

Samples: providing similar bags as free samples, if freight prepaid.
MOQ: we welcome small and large orders, almost no minimum quantity.
Shipping Term: FOB &CIF, or door-to-door service as requested.
Payment: only TT 30% in advance, rest 70% against copy B/L.

Valve bags
common pp woven bag with valve structure
common pp woven bag with valve
This kind of bag has an opening or Valve in one corner through which the bag is filled. The valve is made with an inner flap which functions as a self-closing check valve after filling. It is available with a plain valve or with an extended inner sleeve. If an extended "tuck-in sleeve"is used, the sleeve is manually folded down and back into the pocket under the sleeve for positive closure against sifting.
Gusset bags
woven poly bag with gusset structure
woven poly bag with gusset

The sides that fold in repesent a gusseted. One of the main applications for gussets are their ability to add dimension to objects with height or width. Gusset bags hold significant quantities of material whether in granular, powder, or other forms. The gusset can be printed or without it.

When a bag is manufactured the gussets or the face of a bag can be woven using clear tapes which will display the product inside the WPP bag. This also means that the final user can view the product without having to open the bag to inspect the product.

BOPP bags
BOPP laminated woven polypropylene bag

This has been accomplished with reverse printing using BOPP film (bi-oriented polypropylene). With the advent of BOPP film being laminated to an already strong polypropylene bag, the woven bag now has the same high quality graphics found on PE bag.

Composition: PP woven fabric + PP lamination + BOPP film

When we say BOPP WPP SOM EZO bags for short, we mean
BOPP – Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene
WPP – Woven Polypropylene
SOM – Sewn Open Mouth
EZO – Easy to Open

Paper bags
paper laminated woven polypropylene bag

The Three-in-One Complex paper and PP Bag has the characteristics: strong resistance to puncture, tear resistance,etc. Strength of WPP on the inside, and the outlayer of yellow or white refined kraft paper, is an excellent printing surface.

Composition: PP woven fabric + PP lamination + Kraft paper

We have over 20 years experience working with our customers to upgrade their flexible packaging solutions, most commonly a Multiwall Paper Bags, switch to the superior WPP SOM Paper Bags and BOPP WPP SOM Bags.

Net bags
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